Swinging is my thing!!! Tanks and Tees now available!!! YAYNESS!!!!!!

Hey peeps….I have been busy as can be and one of my project had been put on the back burner.

I finally have for you a totally sweet tank and tee shirt design exclusive to Better Believe Fit
Let people know your a swinger!!!!

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Attack of the killer QUADS!!!!

Hey peeps!
Hope you all had a fantastic July 4th!!!

Time to get back to the grind!

If you follow me on Instagram i post pics and get asked alllll the time about my leg routine :D

Well honestly I work my legs allllllll the time LOL as I teach many classes a week and pretty much all of them involve some kind of leg work out.

Les Mills Body Pump: Squat and Lunge tracks.

Interval Fitness Class: Weighted and body weight and plyometric moves.

Les Mills CXWorx: Resistance tubing exercises

Kettlebells: Weighted and body weight, along with some plyo and isometric moves.


OK that being said I DO LOVE LEG DAY!!!!!

I get in my FAVVVVV Dead lift day with my gym BESTIE and co-worker/partner in crime Lindsey. Having a lifting partner is key for me. I can of course get in and turn up the music and grind out some lifts. But nothing beats having a cheerleader telling you “COME ON LIFT IT!!!!!” on your last set and adding weight when you thought you were done. Oh and we always celebrate post lift with a well deserved visit to the TACO TRUCK!!!! You gotta feed the machine LOL


On my typical leg day this is what goes down:

Body weight warm up: 3X maxxxx effort jump squats.

Smith Machine: Warm up- 3X 95lbs 15 reps.   4X 135lbs 10 reps

Split Squat Smith Machine: 4 X 10 @ 95lbs ea. leg

Bench step ups with 25lb dumbbells in each hand 4 X 10 reps each leg

Sumo Goblet Squat 4 X 15 reps 50lb Dumbbell

Plyo Burn Out to finish: Jump lunges to failure 2-3 sets…..BURN THEM OUT!!!!!


So there you go! I hope you have a QUAD-TASTIC work out!!!!


Can you feel better than you already do?

Culturelle Probiotics sponsored this blog post. All opinions and text are mine.

Hey peeps!

How are you feeling? Good? GREAT!!! But can you feel better? My answer is YES!!!

You all know I strive to eat well, including healthy whole foods in my diet, trying to get in enough water through out the day but can we just have a moment of total honesty here….when I am busy, and stressed or starting to feel a bit run down I can make some poor choices. After the donuts or the drive thru food is eaten my guts suffer :( takes a while for me to get back to normal. My tummy is not used to that and it seems to only make me feel even more run down.

I had the chance to try Culturelle Health and Wellness Probiotics a once a day probiotic that supports a healthy immune system with the aid of the #1 clinically studied probiotic Lactobacillus*.

Sounds VERY interesting and well complicated…NOT AT ALL!!!

I started each day out with simply taking the Culturelle Probiotic with a my breakfast. No special steps, or fancy drinks needed. Just a little probiotic pill that will support my immune system and help to keep my tummy in happy harmony with the rest of my body.

You know we have all had the days after a treat meal, or coming back from being a bit run down our tummies may not be as happy as an be. Culturelle Probiotics really seemed to help.

So how about you go check out Culturelle Health and Wellness Probiotics to find out more about how you can improve your day to day routine with the help of probiotics. They even have a coupon to try out the product! YAY SAVINGS!

Here is the $125 question :D Oh did I forget to mention??? How silly of me ;) Tell me what you do daily to stay healthy and happy….comment and you may win the $125 from Culturelle Health and Wellness Probiotics.



Add Culturelle Health and Wellness Probiotic to your daily routine with 100% Lactobacillus* GC to keep your immune system strong and keep you healthy, so you can be 100% you all day, every day.* It’s Immune Support Made Simple.

With the seal of approval from Good Housekeeping, you can trust the daily intake of the probiotic in Culturelle Health & Wellness to aid in immune system support.  Visit  Culturelle’s website for more information.

Official Rules

Culturelle Probiotics sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.

Bring the healthy to your summer with smoothies!


Hey Peeps!

So summer is on the way…it is, I PROMISE! The warmer weather has me craving more fruits and veggies in my day.

I absolutely love the idea of blending up all my favorite flavors into one smooth and silky smoothie. Try that as a tongue twister :D

So let me tell you what I love in my smoothies and you can get into your produce and kitchen and blend up something amazing. I am telling you there are a million and one ways to make your smoothies awesome.

I always start with Silk Coconut milk. I love Silk Coconut milk as it has a fantastic texture and the taste is great! Not to mention it is NON GMO. Great alternative. Especially when milk has more calories, fruit juice is loaded with extra sugars that you don’t need at all when you are already using yummy fresh or frozen fruit.

Today my smoothie has Silk Coconut milk.

Fresh raspberries and banana, along with frozen mixed berries. Blended up in my old school blender.


Easy as 1,2,3 hit blend and 30 sec later I have a super healthy smoothie. Made with anti oxidant packed fruit, NON GMO coconut milk and that is it!


Got a great smoothie idea? Share it with Silk and enter Silk’s Smoothie Solution Contest

All out of ideas??? Silk has you covered at Silk Smoothie Solution Landing Page for tons of great smoothie ideas with any of the delicious Silk products :D

Want more?!?!? Well here you go :D  SIGN UP for the Silk Newsletter and get a coupon to try out Silk! YES :D

If you are not sure about what Silk product is the right one for your taste go HERE for more info on what they have to offer. Once you find one you want to try sign up and get that coupon, head out to your LOCAL STORES that carry Silk. Get your awesome self into the kitchen and whip up something fantastic and WIN in the Silk’s Smoothie Solution Contest.



This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

Spring is here and I have happy feet! Bokos review.

Hey peeps! Spring has officially kicked off here in VA and I am EXCITED!!!!

My feet have been locked up all winter long in boots and tennis shoes and they are ready to break out and be free!!!

I don’t know about all of you but I usually go on the hunt for a great pair of sandals that will carry me from gym to cookout and out and about with no trouble. I was very excited when Matt from Bokos contacted me and said he had these great sandals to send me. Sure! I thought, whats so different about your sandal? Soon to find out. Got them and first I LOVE the color. Its super cute and perfect for spring. Next part that got me was how flexible they are and light. Perfect for tossing in your gym bag and carrying along to avoid the dreaded gym locker room floor.






The Bokos sandal is just a great fit and feels awesome. I mean really makes my feet happy. I can see that I am going to be stepping into spring with these cuties on!


Really great for packing along for trips since they fit, fold and pop right back to shape. I have had them stuffed in my purse before and they showed no sign of it. I think my Yoga peeps are really going to dig the Bokos for class. Keep a pair in your car, in your gym bag and pool bag. Lots of fun colors to choose from and would make a great gift too!

Check them out for yourself at Bokos USA and use my special code: BELIEVE to save 20% at check out!!!!

I love them and know you will too!!!!



Seeing clearly and feeling cute doing it!!!!

Hey peeps!

Had the opportunity to try out a new pair of glasses from www.Firmoo.com this past month. I have been VERY happy with my new specs :D

Firmoo is an online company with tons of really awesome glasses to choose from. At first I thought ehhh how the heck is this going to work as I can’t try them on first? Well they have a place for you to upload a pic of your own face and put the glasses on them. Then you can also look through pictures that previous customers share with them and the glasses they chose.

GREAT IDEA! I just looked through to find people with similar features and face shape to me and decided on these gems!

I LOVE them soooo much! Firmoo sent them along with a lovely hard case, a soft case, cleaning cloth and nifty tiny screwdriver key chain for any maintenance like a little tightening you may want to do later on.

I have to say the first thing that really stood out to me is the quality of my glasses. They are very well made and fit wonderfully. I am actually temped to order some more but alas I doubt another pair will have me so in love as these! I kinda adore the 50′s style of mine. Maybe some cat eyes with rhinestones are in order?!?!

So here I have a link for you to go and order your first pair and get a whopping 50% off! SWEET!!!


Go order and share, post a fab selfie on IG and tag me @betterbelievefit so I can see how hot you look!!! <3

If you are not already on IG come on and follow for more fitness, food and fashion fun!

Can your phone survive your busy lifestyle?

Corning Incorporated Sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine. HEY HEY! What is happening my dears? Kind of excited to be working with Corning Incorporated :D Seems like a weird match for a blog post to you all but I really wanted to do it as I PROMISE you will totally see how Corning Gorilla Glass is very important for an active on the go momma like myself. So let me tell you a little story…walking out of the gym with my co-worker Lindsey and her phone rings..she reaches into her bag…then comes the fumble, the grab and ooooh no…. I watch as her phone falls to the sidewalk! GASP! Ughhh she just got her new phone and now it looks like she will be back to the store to replace this one. BUMMER! I wonder if it had Gorilla Glass it would have upped the poor phones chances?!?! I think there is a big chance it would have! Do you have Gorilla Glass on your device? Corning Gorilla Glass has been used on more than 3 billion devices from 40 major brands. Is it on yours? Click here to find out. Turns out Corning and its many uber smart scientists felt like the chance to lose a device or phone, even tablet was not acceptable and they wanted to help. Gorilla Glass 4, is designed to stand up to drops from 3ft Hmmmm I know quite a few little peeps…small humans who love to take momma’s phone and play with it, then get distracted and next thing you know…. OH! I hope that was Gorilla Glass:D Corning® Gorilla® Glass has been used on more than 3 billion devices from 40 major brands. Is it on yours? Click hereto find out. Corning Incorporated sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass has been used on more than 3 billion devices from 40 major brands. Is it on yours? Click hereto find out.

Corning Incorporated sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.

What is on the meal prep menu!?! Clean Eating Meal prep Sunday

MEAL PREP TIME!!!! Do you take the time to prepare for a week of healthy clean eats???

Here is a peek inside my kitchen this Sunday as I meal prep healthy clean eating DELICIOUS food!

Happy Sunday peeps!!!

We have 18 inches of snow on the ground here in the Shenandoah Valley in VA. So I thought lets not sit around and business as usual and get to meal prepping :D

On my menu this Sunday:

Spaghetti squash

Short Grain Organic Brown Rice

Lean Ground Chicken

Boiled Eggs

“Fried Rice” not really but it is damn delish!!!

Sauteed Sweet Potato and onion and baby bella mushrooms.

Sauteed Red Pepper and Onion

My “Fried Rice” invention is sooooo yummy! I have a feeling between me and the hubs it won’t last long.

Clean Eating “Fried Rice”

1 Cup cooked short grain organic brown rice ( i take one cup rice, 2 cups water. Put in large tuppaware loosely cover and microwave for 12-15 minutes depending on your microwave strength. Let sit and steam in container till you are ready to add to the “fried rice”)

2 cups green peas ( i use frozen they are nice and crisp)

1 cup diced baby bella mushrooms

1 diced onion

3 cloves garlic

Pink sea salt

HOW TO: I sauteed the onion, mushrooms and garlic till nice and tender.

Then added the cooked rice and peas to the mix. Cooked on low for about 5-8 minutes so the flavors will mix well.


I also cooked the spaghetti squash in the microwave. Cut in half, turn cut side down on plate and nuke for 12 min. Leave untill cool enough to handle. Scoop the seeds out with a spoon and the squash will be perfectly cooked and ready to scoop out into a container or your MOUTH!

Ok so there you have my meal prep Sunday menu. You really can get all this done in under 2 hours.

TOTALLY worth it. It is so great to walk in the house and know you have food that is healthy and on your clean eating goals!

So come on, get off the couch. Put some tunes on and get to cooking!


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What to do when the machines are all full…grab your balls and get to work!!!!

OKAY so this post came to be as one day my gym bestie and lifting parter christina and I where waiting….and waiting….and finally said FORGET THIS!!! As we watched people lay around, text, even nap….who knows what they were doing?!?!? In the squat rack, back extension bench and more :)


SO we went into our large group fitness room, grabbed a couple of swiss exercise balls and worked out.

Here is one of the moves we did for strengthening lower back muscles. A very important muscle group that may get skipped as we endeavor to get stronger we tend to focus on legs and chest, upper back and may skip this all together.

Here is an easy to do move you can do at home or at the gym. Beginners start out with just body weight, as you get stronger then add weight.

First find a place where you can secure your feet from slipping.

Then press hips into ball, feet as wide as hips pressed into wall.

Lay across ball, then contract glutes, and lower back as you lift chest.

Control your descent to start position.

I found this move to also work the booty pretty well too!!! YAY BONUS!!!!

So if the weight room is full and overflowing, grab your balls and get to work!!!

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