Reebok Nano 4.0 Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

Hey Peeps!!!

So good to be back in the swing of things! even better to come back with a fantastic shoe to review from Reebok. I was invited to try out the CrossFit Nano 4.0 from Reebok. As any of you who are familiar with CrossFit the Nano has fast become the shoe of choice for many avid CrossFitters. Reebok has taken the time to review the shoes and improve them every new release.

The Nano 4.0 is sure to please.


The Nano 4.0 has some noted upgrades from the Nano 3.0, Reebok made the shoe more breathable and lighter to start. Giving the mesh a new design enabled the new lighter weight and feel not to mention how much the flexibility in the forefront of the shoe has improved. Adding more durability was another great upgrade made, CrossFitters can be incredibly hard on their shoes just like their workouts. Even thinking about the dreaded rope climbs! Reebok added RopePro protection to the Nano 4.0 so your sweet shoes won’t get shredded up as you hit the ropes.

If you are on the fence about the Nano’s I think the Nano 4.0 will be the shoe for you. A fully functional shoe for functional fitness!!!

Take a look at the worlds fittest woman ;) Camille Leblanc-Bazinet in the Nano 4.0….I mean really! I just want to get a pair in hopes of being the tiniest bit as awesome as Camille :D




Skora Running and a SWEET sale!!!!

Quick post to let you all in on the Skora Running semi annual sale thats running untill 6/30!!!!

You save 25% SITE WIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously I LOVE my Skora Running FIT shoes! I never thought i would like a minimal shoe but I DO!!!

Not to mention they are so freaking awesome! COLOR!!! and super comfortable. Even if you never plan to run to the mailbox you should still rock some of these fantastic shoes!

So go to check them out and get some! You can even earn free gift cards!!!! BONUS!!!

OM NOM NOM NOM! pancakes!!!!

Hello my dears!!!!

OKAY! So here is one of my experiments in the kitchen that turned out so very well and I wanted to share with you.

Once in while I get a real sweet tooth…OK so lets be for real, its pretty much all the time LOL and I have to find ways to take care of that craving and still staying on track with my goals. If I gave in to my cravings all the time I would be right back up to my 211lbs.

Thats how these delicious babies came into being!!!

Started out with making my ugly apple sauce:

take all your going soft ugly apples, peel them and dice them. Throw into a pot with a handful of raisins, some orange peel zest and cinnamon. I add a little water and then just let it cook down, if it looks like its getting too dry just add some more water. What you end up with is this delish ugly apple sauce. it is rather a rich treat by itself so I decided to whip up some protein pancakes to go along with it.

Pankcakes: now be ready these are super difficult to make……..1 scoop vanilla whey isolate, 3 egg whites. one whole egg. Put in blender, blend, pour on hot griddle. HA HA! I know?!?!?! STUPID EASY!

I found the isolate is a finer protein powder and tends to make a fluffier pancake. It makes about 4 good sized pancakes. Then here comes the naughty naught bit. Top with some chilled REAL coconut milk cream. So for those of you who are not coconut experts here is the deal, if you take the real coconut milk in a can and pop in fridge the next day the fatty part rises to the top and makes a fantastic thick coconut cream butter like treat full of healthy fats and OMGOOOOODNESS ;)

So put it together and what do you have?!?!? A fantastic treat, still on track with your goals and you get to sit there and say “MMMMmmYYy GOOFNEFFF THIF IF GOOOOOO” (thats with a mouthful of pancake delight!)

So enjoy!!!

OH YES!!! and if youfeel the need to run it off after came join me at COLOR ME RAD 5K use code: RADFIT to save!!! Sign up here

Ellie Review and special discount for you!!!!

Hey girls! and yes this one is for the girls…well I suppose the fellas can take advantage of the awesome gear over at and pick up some sweet outfits for their lady friends. :D

So i had the pleasure of recieving an outfit from the lovely ladies (Raquel) over at to try out and share my thoughts with all of you! Here is the pic of my outfit from

Can you hear JT singing “bringing sexy back!” LOL I love the top and the bottoms are out of this world bright and beautiful!

So since I felt the top was a bit too fancy for kettlebells I rocked the orange capri leggings to class and I LOVE them! Super comfy and I got a lot of compliments on the color.

As for the gorgeous top I paired it up with a pair of my own black capri pants and wore it to my Mothers day cookout at my parents house :D

  I love love love that top as its really super soft and the fit is perfect. Not too loose and baggy, you just feel like you have the most comfortable t shirt on in the world while sporting a sexy back.

below you can really see how awesome and bright the capri pants are and they have a little pocket for your keys, id or ipod too!


I love all the awesome styles they have over at here are a couple on my wish list from Mays collection! OH!!! Did I tell you they add new outfits all the time and you can sign up to recieve a great discount! Use my code: betterbelievefit

and save 20%!!!!!

Get over to and use your special discount “betterbelievefit” to get some super bright and fun gym motivation! I LOVE new gym clothes, don’t you!?!!?!!


Skora FIT Review

Hey Peeps!!! So I was really excited when the awesome folks at Skora Running sent me a new pair of the FIT shoes they recently released on the site!!! Before we get into the technical running stuff can we just take a moment to appreciate how FREAKIN AWESOME these shoes look!!!! WHOOO! I am super in love with the color and design!

After a particularly disgusting winter here in VA I had not gotten out quite as much to run as I would have liked….OKAY lets be honest! I have not ran outside all winter!!! I am a big baby and I do not like the freezing cold rain and snow. High 5 to all you hard core runners out there…I am not one ;) BUT I do love to run outdoors! So the Skora FIT arrived just as the first green was popping out on the trees here and the weather was turning warm! YAY

So lets talk FITof the FIT!

I like it, I like it A LOT! The design is so well thought out as the laces follow the lines of your foot, the toe box has a nice size to allow that natural spread of your piggies as you run, and the little holes in the FIT allow the right amount of stretch so the shoe will FIT your own foot just right. Its almost like the shoe molds to you and that is what you need! PERECT FIT!

I took the FIT out for my first outdoor run on Mothers Day! A little ME TIME!

After being indoors in my regular gym shoes all winter long I was a little worried that I would not be able to complete my run in comfort, that I would feel some discomfort due to the minimal design and my lack of endurance. WRONG!!! I am super pleased with the FIT! I even added in some interval Sprints to the mix and I was not feeling overly tired and wanted to get more out of my work out!

BOOM!!! How ya like that read out on my Polar FT60! Max performance HEY HEY!!!

I even took my FIT shoes into the gym for some interval training and wore them to teach my HIIT class. We did suicide sprints indoors on the wood floor and the FIT held up so well! I had great grip, comfort and stopped on a dime! Most definitely wearing these for my indoor work outs again. Oh yeah and did I mention they are AWESOMELY HOT! I can’t even tell you how many compliments I recieved on the look of the shoe! Even cooler a couple of my HIIT class girls went out and bout their own Skora running shoes! SWEET!

OK for all you technical peeps! LOL here is what Skora has to tell you in detail about the FIT

(Directly from the site


 FIT is the ultimate all-purpose running and training shoe, designed for comfort, speed and agility. FIT features a lightweight, and breathable seamless airmesh upper with support and flexibility where you need it, thanks to a dynamic 3D-printed support pattern and internal archband. With asymmetric lacing and generous REALFIT last design, FIT provides increased comfort across the top of the foot and encourages natural foot motion and control.

Built on a version of the R01 platform, modified for increased cushioning and comfort, without sacrificing natural running benefits, FIT offers a total stack height of 16mm comprised of a fully-curved, zero-drop outsole made of high abrasion rubber, tuned CM EVA midsole, and antimicrobial insole.
– REALFIT™ last
– Stretch Airmesh upper
– 3D Printed dynamic support pattern
– Asymmetrical lacing
– Internal Archband midfoot support
– Zero-drop construction
– Stitch-down construction
– High Abrasion rubber
– Reflective details
– 16mm Forefoot/Heel stack height


For a new to minimal running person I would most definitely say the FIT is a worthwhile investment. Even though I may not be running marathons….YET! I still find the FIT to be a very versatile shoe, it feels great on the run and works super well with all my other training modes such as Kettlebells, lifitng, interval fitness and even  Body Combat class.

Tommie Copper Review and Giveaway

* Tommie Copper provided merchandise free of charge for my honest opinion and review. I was not paid for this opinion, it is 100% my own.


Hey Peeps!

How exciting to be able to bring you another awesome review and giveaway! Today I am going to tell you about my experience with Tommie Copper clothing.

I received a womens compression t shirt and pair of bright pink compression capri work out pants. Usually when you hear compression you think very tight and thick material that basically squishes you super tight. Not very flattering or comfortable.
VERY SUPRISED with the Tommie Copper outfit! The black v neck t shirt is so very soft and silky and feels just divine! Very comfortable and flattering. The capris are super stretchy and stay put during a work out. I have worked in them, taught kettlebells and Body Combat. They stayed up and felt great.

Now the claim of pain relief and improved recovery from the copper infused material is something I will have to get back to you on :D I hear many people refer to the power of copper for helping your body feel better and heal. What I can tell you is I really like the clothes, they are very comfy and I do feel good when I wear them!

Want to find out what Tommie Copper is all about??? You can enter to win one of the pieces that I was given to try out for yourself!!! YAY!

To enter all you need to do is comment on which you would like! The top or the bottoms :D

picture from


Picture from


Check out whats coming!!!

Tommie Copper’s AGILITY InnergywearTM is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and features advanced wicking and breathability. The ergonomic design allows full range of motion while delivering superior performance and comfort. Available at Spring 2014

I am pretty excited just take alook at the promo vidoe for the ladies!






Katie K Active Review

Katie K Active provided me with outfit for review. This is not a paid review. All opinions are completely my own,




I love when new companies contact me, especially when their goal is to promote healthy happy lifestyles for all!

I don’t know if any of you have noticed that there are quite a few clothing companies that only cater to the “smaller” portion of our world. I first hand know that your size does not always dictate your health or your desire to get healthy and fit.

Katie K Active wear caters to all size women from small to 3X with fun flirty fitness fashion!!!!

I had the pleasure of trying out an outfit from Katie K recently and I think they have really got a great thing going!

Photo by Sarah Thomas Photography

Here I am at my local Rocktown CrossFit wearing the capris and zebra stripe racer back tank. I love the Capri pants a LOT! So very comfy, great fit and the MEGA BONUS is they have no slip grip on the waist band to keep your goodies covered up when you go low on those squats! BOOM! No more crack attack!!! They are very flattering and the colors and styles are super fun too!

NINJA TIME!!!!! I love the jacket from Katie K, seriously fun! The hood even has a pony tail hole and the sleeves sport thumb holes too, so I kind of went into Ninja mode for this pic :D The material is great, not cheap and wont wear out in a hurry. The jacket was a hit with the girls at the photo shoot. They tried it on and loved the fit and feel of it!


So go check out  Katie K Active and get some fun fitness clothes for your fantastic body!!!

OH! and the gals over at Katie K Active have given you all a special discount code! BBF10 saves you 10% off your purchase :D

Reebok Skyscape: Fitness fashion and OH! So very foot friendly <3

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.




As part of a Fitfluential campaign I have been given a pair of the new Reebok Skyscape shoes.  Reebok has definitely hit on something special with this new release, now when you first see them they may take you back to your high school days. Well at least they did for me. Just sweet and simple. Weighing in at only 5 ounces and the Skysping technology used to create wonderful comfort. The molded design fits just right at the ankle allowing supreme comfort and no annoying rubbing. Even the tongue on the Skyscape is plush and offers a cushioned feel under your laces.

I am so used to seeing really hyped up, jazzed up shoes from other companies the Skyscape was a breath of fresh air.

I personally have a hard time transitioning from fitness instructor/personal trainer to a more relaxed mode, unless it involves my pajamas :)

Quite honestly when I put the Skyscape on my foot I actually SIGHED!!! AHHHHHH! I mean it, its like slipping your foot into a lovely padded pillow. I have no idea how they managed to make pillows look like shoes but they have, and I LOVE THEM!!!!

The first day I really put them to the test.

Put them on 6:30 am to walk my daughter to the bus, wore them while I cleaned the house, kept them on as I  played outside with my son (OH! and they are MACHINE WASHABLE!!!! Momma’s you will love this!) . We headed out for grocery shopping and then I even wore them to teach kickboxing. I just did not want to take them off!!! Finally around 8:30pm that night they came off. I enjoyed every single second of wearing them. I felt very relaxed. Very cute. Very comfortable.

One of the things that I love the most about the Skyscape is that you can pretty much take it anywhere….to a picnic with a sundress, to a cook out with a pair of khaki shorts, throw them on with some fun leggings and go for a walk with your doggie! No matter how you choose to pair them up you are going to look delightful, and even better you will FEEL DELIGHTFUL!

So this spring take some time to relax, get out of the gym, put on something pretty and throw on your Reebok Skyscape shoes and go enjoy life!

Take a look over at and order yourself a pair of these lovely little shoes!

Kiava Clothing Review and Giveaway!!!!


Hey Peeps!!!

I recently had a great company contact me about a review and a sweet giveaway!
Pretty excited to bring this to you from Kiava Clothing :D

Photo by Sarah Thomas Photography

I have been seeing pics and posts in my Facebook feed with these really cute tops and sports bras that are like nothing I have in my closet right now. THAT got my attention. I am always on the hunt for BRIGHT colors and fun designs to work out in and teach classes. I find that when I FEEL fun and bright it comes through when I train and teach. And a great outfit really helps that feeling! Here comes KIAVA!!!

I received a complete outfit: Top, bra and capris.


The bra is very pretty with a crisscross design on the back that is not only lovely but offers great support for high impact moves. I ordered a size up as they seem to run a bit small. Be sure to know your measurements before you place an order. They are GREAT on the site listing all the measurements of each piece to ensure you get the right fit. Now when they say this bra will keep your girls in place they are not kidding.  If you are looking for a bra that will give you a boost and flatter your shape this is not really going to be the one you want. I on the other hand am perfectly happy with the compression effect to keep things were they should be as I burpee and box jump and get all sweaty and jump around while teaching class. I am kinda of the opinion if you are more worried about how your girls look instead of WHERE they are while you are working out your probably not working out that hard JUST SAYIN! ;) So the bra holds you down like a champ AND the back is just rockin! I got so many compliments on the design when I wore it to teach.

Photo by Sarah Thomas Photography


Photo By Sarah Thomas Photography

The top I chose was the Knotty top in Blue. Again be sure to measure. I ordered a size up and am very happy with the fit. Its not too tight and hangs very nicely. The back design not only looks great it feels sooooo nice when you are getting hot and sweaty and your back is open for cooling. I really love the design on this top! SO CUTE and COMFY too! :D


The Capris available on the site are in black and I ordered these true to size. On the leg they show a nice ruched effect that curves up and around the top of your hip.

Its quite a slimming look. The material is thicker that what I am used to and is not quite as stretchy. My only complaint really about the whole out fit was the lack of stretch. When you jump, squat, and are getting down while you get sweaty like me I need my gear to go back to where  I want it. At the end of class I found myself doing the jump and pull up on the capris to get them back into place. Good for running? YES! Good for med to moderate workouts? YES! Would I CrossFit in them? Probably not. BUTT here is my BUTT disclaimer :D this could all be due to my shape :D and I say don’t count them out because they really are wonderful and look lovely on!


NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY!!!! HOORAY!!!! Enter to win and you could get your own top and bra of your choice! YAY

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Avocado and Chilli??? YES PLEASE!

Heya Peeps!

Just a mini post today. I wanted to share with you a tasty little invention I had the other day. I am pretty sure I am not the first person to do this BUT if I am I am expecting an award for it!!!! Because it is THAT GOOD!!!

OKAY so there it is! I made a HUGE pot of delish chilli and I had my avocado all ready to go on it as a topping but as I popped out the pit I saw that lovely little bowl that it left and decided to reverse the process! Instead I topped the avocado with the yummy chilli. Sprinkled a touch of sea salt and grabbed a spoon. I had to say it was FANTASTIC!!!! I love LOVE love the taste of avocado. This would make a really great appetizer too.

OKAY so I know a lot of people ask “whats in the chilli” or “can we have the recipe?”

Most of my stews and chillis start of the same way. Simple and easy and just the basics:

1 Large onion diced
2 cloves of garlic minced
toss into pan with about 1tbsp of coconut or olive oil (your choice)
cook till soft and translucent
Then add in your protein of choice (ground lean turkey, beef, whatever)
Cook, toss on top oregano, paprika, cumin- this I just eyeball and go with taste. OR you could
measure out about a 1 tsp of each. I prefer to go all Swedish Chef when it comes to the spices soooo “herba derba gooda”
once the meat is done add in 2 cans of diced tomato.

NOW YOU HAVE FUN! You can add in WHATEVER your precious chilli lovin heart desires! I add in butternut squash, or sweet potato, even green beans and quinoa! The sky is the limit! If it gets too thick just add some water or stock to the mix. Then simmer away for about 30 min at least.

I always find it tastes better the day after. Great topping for your eggs in the morning or a little dip for your crackers. You can top some sweet potato with it. Seriously folks! Eating clean is NOT BORING!!!!

Try it out and let me know what you put into your pot!!!