#HolidayFitList Join me, Fit Approach and Lorna Jane as we make the Holidays HAPPY AND HEALTHY!

Hey Peeps! I have had the honor of being asked to join my fellow Sweat Pink Bloggers and Lorna Jane Clothing this Christmas season and share my TOP 5 Tips for having the best, happiest and healthiest holiday possible!

My #HolidayFitList is compiled of tips and ideas to get you through the fun and sometimes challenging weeks ahead and on into the new year.

OK so first off, one of the best things ever is I got to pick an entire outfit from www.LornaJane.com HOW SWEET IS THAT! and while we are on the subject of SWEETNESS! I want to make sure you all get a chance to download Lorna Jane’s FREE E- Book Move Over Sugar ! Ohhhh seriously, I want you to read all of my post but I REALLY want you to get in on all the SUGAR FREE delights this little goodie has to offer.

OKAY?!? You got it? GREAT!

So as far as my Fit List goes, its going to give you some ideas on how I manage the holidays and avoid the dreaded holiday pounds and stay healthy and happy all the way till the ball drops and beyond.

Lets start with a snazzy work out outfit! That for sure is going to be on the top of my list for motivation. HA! You say, how in the world will that make me motivated?

OKAY, so you get the awesome new dud’s from Lorna Jane. Like the tights I picked out for myself….ahhh they are so awesome! Fun, comfy and super in a sweat.

You can go shop right now and use code “SHOPLJ” and save 20%.

They look so sporty and sweet and you know you are looking pretty awesome since you have been working hard all year long. What are you going to do? Throw on your grubby house slippers and sip eggnog ?!?! HEEECKKKK NAWWWW!
We going to the gym ya’ll!!
You know its true, a new outfit is going to put that little pep in your step, make you feel good and when you feel good you want to be good to yourself and your body….VOILA!

So THAT’S why a new out fit is on the top of my list.

NEXT! We are going to delve into that tasty recipe book Move Over Sugar and pick my favorite recipe.

This has to be the winner…..I MEAN COME ON!!! CHOCOLATE AVOCADO AND SWEET POTATO! HOLLAAA! Did we just become best friends or WHAT!

Just so you don’t feel like your missing out on all the holiday treats and fun. You take a delish treat that is still sweet to your figure and will have every one oooohing and aaaahhing over it and begging you to bring it again next party season! Just because your health is a priority does not mean you have to deprive yourself at all! Healthy can still be super yummy!

Here we go #HolidayFitList tip #3 WORK OUT!!!! Here is a body weight do anywhere workout. Try doing it for time. I finished up in 11:23 :D See if you can beat me!!!

So here is my fourth #HolidayFItList tip to keep you going through the fun and festivities!

TAKE A DEEP BREATH! Hold it and blow out. Now I want you to be present in all that you do…no not “BE THE PRESENT” ;) I mean take a break from all the presents, and shopping and crazy hub bub of the holidays. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, grab your lap top and just relax while you go check out  Move Nourish Believe Lorna Janes wonderful blog, full of all kinds of great info, fun tips, and of course the latest on fashion.

Next grab a refill on the tea, remember we are taking a nice relaxing break.NO RUSH, NO HURRY, Just put your feet up and come with me and lets visit all my Fit Approach Sweat Pink Sisters and their Holiday Fit List posts :D

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So I can guess you have spent a good hour or more browsing all the awesomeness the SPA Ladies have to offer over on their blogs.
Finally my last and most important tip for staying healthy and happy over the holidays. DO NOT STRESS! Do not overspend, over eat, over extend yourself. Remember this is a time for joy and celebration not pulling out your hair and praying that you don’t get invited to the neighbors Christmas shin dig. Embrace the holidays, remember they are for us to share our love and show our love to one another. So show yourself a whole lot of love this Christmas and holiday season. Stay healthy, stay with your goals and treat yourself to a special something from www.LornaJane.com because you are SPECIAL and you deserve to be spoiled a little!
Lorna Jane is giving away a $250 Spending spree!!!! to one of you lucky peeps! So make sure you enter here TO WIN and share with all your friends! You never know they may take you shopping with them!


Better Believe Fit’s SUPER STOCKING STUFFER list!


Tis the season to pick your best fitness gifts for all your friends and families!

I have put together my TOP PICKS for the best stocking stuffers for 2013! All of these things are awesome, and affordable and will have you covered from head to toe :)


Koss FitClips and FitBuds:  (This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Koss)

The latest line of earphones from Koss are AHHH-MAZING! I have worn them in work outs from Kettlebells to tabata Burpees and they stayed put, did not go in and out with the sound and they FEEL GREAT! I LOVE THEM! They are designed for women by women. Koss an all women design team and Gold Medalist Dara Torres got together to design the best fit for all women. They come with 3 different size cushions for all and they are 33% smaller specially for the ladies and come in a range of fun bright colors.YAY!

So tired of my old earbuds popping out as soon as I break a sweat, and leaving my ears sore from cramming them in every few minutes!

The FitBuds stay in so well, and if you need a little extra the FitClip are extremely comfy and flexible arms that gently fit around the back of your ear. Very well thought out as I often wear a head band for my cold weather runs and the flexible and softer arms feel great, I actually don’t even feel them after a while :) Both types are sweat resistant too! So no worries of frying your phones from a killer workout!

Retail on the FitClips and FitBuds from Koss are $29.99. SPECIAL HOLIDAY pricing is now in effect!

Grab them up for a sweet $19.99 a pair! You can find them at your local Walgreens, WalMart, Best Buy, K Mart and Sears.

Connect with Koss:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/koss
Twitter: @KossHeadphones
Instagram: @Koss
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/KossHeadphones


HANDFUL Sports Bra:

Hands down or should I say hands full these are the best sports bra I am yet to find. They are the wear anywhere to do anything bra! Handful bra’s come with removable pads, adjustable straps and AWESOME colors to pick from :D Here I am rocking my BattleCry Pink bra. I wear them to the gym, pool, out on the town or just chilling at home. Seriously super dooper cute and best thing EVER! NO UNI-BOOB action going on! HOLLA! So if you want to give the gift of sexy support stuff a Handful in someone’s stocking! Handful also offers a portions of the sales towards Breast Cancer Research, Awareness and Survivors! Grab yourself a Handful at www.Handful.com


Fit Four Gloves:

These are fast becoming the hottest think for your hands! I have worn my Fit Fours at CrossFit and also lifting and teaching kettlebells. They have two styles to choose from, a new line of anti rippers to stop those nasty tears you get from pull ups and heavy lifts.

The special four finger design is perfect for those of us who just don’t like too much glove and find it cumbersome to wear a full glove. So give the gift of Fit Four Gloves to your favorite CrossFitter! They will LOVE them! You can find them at http://fitfour.com for around $26


Kettleguard :

Kettleguard wrist guards are not just your average wrist band for swiping away the sweat. These nifty reinforced wrist bands give you that extra protection you just need when you are working on your snatch form or going heavy with your Kettlebells. I have used mine in every single kettlebell workout I have done since receiving my first pair.  Personally I think these are a MUST HAVE for any kettlebell enthusiast on your list! They totally get the Better Believe Fit thumbs up! Order your own for only $24.99 at www.Kettleguard.com


Hylete Womens Light Compression Shorts:

OKAY so we are going head to toe and we can NOT forget the bootay!!! The new line of lighter feel compression shorts from Hylete are the BOMB.com They have the same great fit as all the Hylete gear along with a sweet new material that is …well downright sexy! Seriously, these are the shorts to sport at your next CrossFit competition, the rivals will not be able to concentrate because of how freakin hot your going to look and you won’t have to worry about your shorts going to places they should not go during your hang cleans or burpees.  :D WIN WIN! Check them out at Hylete  and use my code: BBF25 to save  20% off on your first order.


The Sox Box:

So you have all this awesome swag to stuff in the stockings BUT WAIT!!! Where the heck are the stockings???? RIGHT HERE! The Sox Box has you covered! With an array of awesomeness you are sure to find a pair for your Burpee lover and Mud Runner on your list. They have a ton of colors and designs available. Kick a$$ knee socks that rock! Not only will they keep your tootsies warm, they cover those shins during deadlifts and shine your personality :D Pick up yours at The Sox Box


Last but not least ;) a little something extra for your stockings.

The “Pinky” Hi-Bounce ball:

WHAAAAT THE HECK?!?!?! YUP, a lovely little pink ball ;) This is my secret weapon my friends to roll out sore shoulders, to get into those tight spots that the foam roller just can’t reach. Grab a Pinky put behind your shoulder and press up against a wall and get to making like a bear scratching on a tree. UGHHHHH its going to hurt SO GOOD! Great for putting under your arches of your feet and rolling out after long run. You can grab them up for as little as $4 on Amazon.com. PINK BALLS FOR ALL! Give the gift of mobility!



My picks for fantastic fitness gifts for the kettlebell swinging, CrossFitting, heavy lifting, awesome peeps you love :D